Areas of expertise


Every company deals in some way with uncertainty, however, usually is not adequately addressed in the Strategic Planning process. In order understand the market segment variables, it is necessary to prepare a market study to evaluate the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of management. In this way, the company will be maximizing results and projecting its future in finding a governance model that gives sustainability and perpetuity. Know more >>


All restructuring process aims to align companies organizational model with business strategy, always seeking sustained growth. An objective way to understand the business model, is to hold a Business Diagnosis, which allows us to understand the company through four dimensions (strategy, organizational structure, information technology and processes). Several solutions can result from this diagnosis, such as: Reduction of Operational Costs, Process Optimization, or even Management Professionalization. Know more >>

Asset Management

The lack of knowledge about the value of assets, difficult decisions on increasing capacity and return on investments. Given a more favorable cost-benefit ratio, the Physical Inventory and Asset Valuation, are elements that can solve quickly and safely through a physical survey and valuation of the assets to market, adopting the engineering practices evaluation. Know more >>